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Toronto artist Marvel Mike releases new EP May The 4th Be With You
Marvel Mike (Photo: Supplied)


Toronto artist Marvel Mike releases new EP May The 4th Be With You

Toronto artist Marvel Mike kicked off 2021 with the release of his new EP, May The 4th Be With You.

The new five-track project is available now exclusively through Mike’s Bandcamp profile.

“The inception of my new EP May The 4th Be With You came during lockdown back in April.” Mike explained to us in a recent discussion.

“I created the song ‘Strange Times In The City’ as a way to put into perspective the new challenges we were facing. As it turns out, it lit the spark that would result in many months of writing music production. I wasn’t quite sure how to wrap-up the project. The second lockdown, however, provided to be the inspiration needed to get it done. The frustration of having to do it all again, especially after a good summer, helped inspire the song ‘On My Mind.’ This proved to be the last essential piece needed to bring the project up to my standard. Once it was all in place, the album, which is my 4th overall, was ready to go.”

Promotions for May The 4th Be With You are lead by the single “Got That Bounce,” which Mike explains is “a testimony to the need for quality influences as a music maker.”

“I discuss the fact that I closely studied legendary producers such as Mannie Fresh and DJ Premier, and that taking elements from the greats, and adding them into my own unique mix, I’ve been able to put together a winning recipe over the years.”

Check out the single and May The 4th Be With You below and stay tuned for more from Marvel Mike.

Artwork for May The 4th Be With You

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