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3-time JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter Melanie Durrant returns with new single Ride With Me
Melanie Durrant (Photo: Robin Waters/Supplied)


3-time JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter Melanie Durrant returns with new single “Ride With Me”

Singer-songwriter Melanie Durrant recharges her illustrious career with the reveal of her latest single “Ride with Me.”

A driving indie-pop cut showcasing Durrant’s stellar vocal prowess, “Ride With Me” serves as further testament to the 3-time JUNO Award nominee’s reputation for being one of the most talented and versatile artists to emerge from Canada’s vibrant R&B/soul scene.

“I’m not the type to get boxed into one musical lane,” Durrant explained.

“It’s not about genres, it’s about good music, timeless music. I love rock and roll, and ‘Ride with Me’ allowed me to mesh some of that direction into my signature soul style.”

Melanie Durrant (Photo: Supplied)

Melanie Durrant (Photo: Supplied)

Through and through, Durrant has been an artist living in the moment, reflecting life back without any constraints or labels. She crafted the new song’s writing with Grammy Award winner Sebastian Kole, who has also recently worked with the likes of Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Alessia Cara. Kole’s transcendent storytelling abilities helped Durrant paint an evocative picture of a lost soul looking for love, helplessly filling the void with a wild and carefree lifestyle leading her from one misconceived partner to the next. On the outside, she’s beaming, but doing everything she can to drown out the deafening loneliness.

For production, Durrant enlisted Toronto-raised Ricky Tillo, who has been a guitarist for pop star Lady Gaga for over a decade.

“Sebastian Kole helped me paint the picture into a vivid story and Ricky Tillo’s guitar work is always magical.”

More than just a seasoned vocalist, Melanie Durrant might just be your shoulder to cry on, your partner-in-crime, or the keeper of your most intimate secrets. Known for spilling her tea first, the “Bang Bang” singer doesn’t just welcome this type of vulnerability, she commands it. For Durrant, the latest single ushers in a wave of new music as the Toronto-native prepares for a busy year ahead.

“Ride With Me” is out today on all major digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Melo-D’s Inc.

3-time JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter Melanie Durrant returns with new single Ride With Me

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