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Merkules drops out of Gucci Mane tour; releases Shaquille O’Neal collabo

Merkules drops out of Gucci Mane tour; releases collaboration with Shaq

Last night, Merkules jumped on Facebook to announce that he had withdrawn from the Gucci Mane tour kicking off later this month.

Gucci Mane’s Live In Canada Tour 2019 is supposed to start in Halifax on Wednesday, May 15 and will wrap up on Friday, May 31 in Winnipeg. Merkules was expected to perform on all 10-dates along with Peter Jackson, while August Alsina is serving as a special guest for the majority of the shows.

During the live stream, which has been viewed more than 53K views in under 24 hours, Merkules revealed that the reason he was withdrawing was because a contract hadn’t been signed, and his tour deposit (usually half of the agreed upon amount) had yet to be received with the tour only a week away. A deadline was set and once it has passed, Merkules and his team decided to withdraw from Live In Canada Tour 2019, and launch a new tour of their own.


Merk made it clear he had no issue with Gucci Mane, and had looked forward to the opportunity to share the stage with the 1017 Bricksquad artist, but without a contract and payment in place, it wouldn’t make sense to stay on the tour.


Plan B Tour / Want That Smoke Freestyle

Instead of rolling with Gucci Mane, Merkules has announced the Plan B Tour which will hit the same markets as Live In Canada. It starts off in Toronto on May 10, and will also wrap up in Winnipeg on May 31. He also revealed that he’d be doing a tour in Australia and New Zealand this coming September.

The Plan B Tour poster can be found at the bottom of the post. Tickets can be purchased through Merk’s official site,

“This is the good news, I’m about to drop a song with Shaquille O-fucking Neal right now. Let me talk to you about this for a second.”

On top of all that, Merk was excited to reveal a new collaboration with NBA legend and platinum certified rap artist, Shaquille O’Neal. After hearing Merk’s “Old Town Road Remix,” Shaq reached out to the Surrey rapper to show some love and suggest they do a song together.



“He showed me lots of love. Didn’t charge me a penny; he picked the beat and was like, ‘yo, let’s go in on this, it’s an old school LL Cool J beat.’ I have the song ready right now, so that’s the good news.”

Before sharing the collaboration, Merkules explained that “Old Town Road Remix” has done some great things for his movement.

“Thank you to everyone that’s been supporting the ‘Old Town Road’ thing. My career has literally skyrocketed since we did that. It’s ironic that I just needed to put on a cowboy hat and fucking rap some double-time, and all of a sudden we start blowing up.”

His most recent single, “This Is What Happens,” was released on Apr. 30 to all streaming platforms. You can check out Merk and Shaq’s “Want That Smoke Freestyle” below.

Merkules drops out of Gucci Mane tour; releases collaboration with Shaq

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