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Song of the Day: Ottawa’s own Mista Jones releases the “24/7” video

Ottawa recording artist Mista Jones releases the 24/7 video
Mista Jones in "24/7"

Ottawa up-and-comer Mista Jones (aka Jeff Jones) of the 730 Mafia Money Boys recently enlisted RealCity411 to direct the video for his high energy independent single, “24/7.”

The video – featuring Jones flanked by his crew – flips back and forth from a performance at a nightclub to a house party, with a random break in-between featuring him sitting on a basketball net.

The single was produced by DJ Wildkid and Beat from The Beat Cartel, and is available for streaming on all digital platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

We asked Jones about how the record and video came together:

“Music is my therapy, and often I write songs that reflect my mood or my current position in life. My co-producer DJ Wildkid and I were in my home studio running through beats as I freestyled to build new vocal presets, as we often do. He then put on the next beat, and as I was free-styling, Wildkid hit record not knowing that I had laid down the hook for my next single. We came upon a beat from The Beat Cartel… ‘It all starts with an idea’ and from that idea I was able to build a solid foundation to write and create my newest single ’24/7′ (that is now available on all digital platforms).

Ottawa recording artist Mista Jones releases the 24/7 video

Mista Jones in “24/7”

Last year on my thirtieth birthday, I left it upon someone to organize my party and nothing went to plan. So this year, I took it upon myself and I went all out! I decided to organize a hip-hop show / limo party / videoshoot for my birthday. I contacted RealCity411 from Montreal to film and direct the music video for the night. “It was an amazing experience, a night I will never forget.”

And if you’re interested in seeing Mista Jones live, he’s currently working on his next tour:

“Back in June, I setup a 21-day tour from A-Z. From booking venues, to booking artists all across Canada, starting in Winnipeg, Manitoba all the way to St.John’s, Newfoundland. Touching ground on seven of the 10 Canadian Provinces. I am presently planning part two of the Canadian tour launching April 2019 and hitting up the three remaining provinces including Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.”

“24/7” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day. Check out the new video below.

Ottawa recording artist Mista Jones releases the 24/7 video

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