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Money Musik, Gunna and Trouble Trouble
MoneyMusik, Gunna & Trouble Trouble


Toronto’s Money Musik & Trouble Trouble could be on Gunna’s album out on May 22

Gunna has announced the release date for his next album Wunna.

Wunna—which stands for ‘Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic’ according to a March 17 tweet from Gunna—is expected to drop on May 22 via 300 Entertainment and Young Stoner Life Records.

The Instagram post included a video Gunna was eager to share with fans, along with the caption: “WUNNA WORLD. Wunna Album 5/22/2020 Me My team and @amazonmusic @rotation got sum special to show y’all the creation!”

The video lists off some of the producers featured on the project including Atlanta’s Wheezy, Turbo, and Gunna’s official DJ, Taurus.

A couple of other producers we’re hoping to see on the project are Toronto’s Money Musik (often stylized as MoneyMusik) and Jordan “Trouble Trouble” Bacchus.

MoneyMusik and Trouble Trouble could be on the new Gunna album dropping May 22

Pro Logic, NAV & Money Musik

VV’s” producer Money Musik is all over the new NAV album(s) Good Intentions and has worked with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Pressa, KILLY, Casper TNG, Booggz and others. Comments on YouTube suggest Money Musik recently signed a deal with NAV, but that has not been verified. At the very least, NAV is mentoring Money Musik and he spoke about their relationship in an interview with Forbes:

“Oh man, he’s picking [it] up really fast. The kid’s really smart, he’s only like 19, 20 years old. He went through me teaching him music theory like, yo, your chord progressions are wrong. Focus on the middle notes and the bottom notes. Don’t think about top line and make sure your bass is on key. I’m with him hands-on every time. I really believe in the kid and he’s got a willingness to learn. I think he has a real clear future.”

He continued: “I know what it’s like being a producer coming up. When big producers are in the room, you gotta perform. I don’t really even think of Money as like a melody-heavy person, but he came up with something crazy for ‘No Debate.’ In that pressure moment, he performed. Wheezy’s sitting in front of you, Young Thug’s sitting in front of you, I’m sitting in front of you. Cash is waiting on you to make a beat and you make something classic. It’s the number two song on my album. That was a very proud moment for me.”

Bacchus worked on NAV’s Bad Habits album and also has a wide range of big names on his resume including Tory Lanez, 88GLAM, Metro Boomin, and Reeko Rieffe. He’s often listed as “Trouble Trouble.”

And with Gunna announcing the release date of Wunna, there’s talk that a NAV and Gunna collaboration co-produced by Money and Bacchus could be featured on the album.

“No Way” has been previewed on social media but yet to be officially released. As of now, there’s no confirmation that the song will be included, but it is listed on an a makeshift Genius track listing outlining songs that could make the cut.

There was talk that the song would appear on NAV’s latest project, and after it wasn’t included the assumption shifted to it being Gunna’s project.

You can check out an unofficial snippet of the song below that was uploaded in February 2019. Gunna and NAV have had plenty of opportunity since then to record new music so there’s really no guarantee this will be on Wunna, but more details should be revealed soon.

You can follow @MoneyMusik and @Troubleadx on Instagram.

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