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Montreality features ATL MC, DJ, producer Sonny Digital

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Sonny Digital on Montreality: Payola, trap music, Jeezy & more

The good people at Montreality keep the new content flowing with a Q&A video featuring triple threat, Sonny Digital.

“It’s payola, people paying for the radio every day. I didn’t believe it until somebody was like next week this song right here is gonna be number 1 because they just cut the bag on this, and then boom next week it was number one. It’s payola, so when Kanye West was preaching that sh*t to them.”

The Atlanta rapper, DJ and producer discusses a variety of topics including payola in the music industry, getting producers their credit, the history of trap music, Jeezy, Shawty Reed and more. You can watch the interview now via the official Montreality YouTube channel.

“I feel like Young Jeezy really did that sh*t (originated Trap music), Shawty Redd beats kinda fit the setting too. When you talking trap music it can’t be all uptempo, that sh*t gotta sound grimey and nasty. That’s what Jeezy and Shawty Redd was doing at the time, that’s where trap music came from for me.”

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Montreality features ATL MC, DJ, producer Sonny Digital

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