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Noel (formerly BaghdadBully) releases the Doomed EP

Noel (formerly BaghdadBully) releases the Doomed EP
Noel (Photo: Supplied)

Iraq-born, Mississauga-based recording artist Noel (formerly known as BaghdadBully) kicked off the summer with the release of his latest project, Doomed.

The 5-track EP—featuring production from Gregory Grindz and Neo Tempus—sees Noel wearing his heart on his sleeve, and how he copes with some of life’s most trying emotions.

“Doomed is an EP chronicling Noel’s journey through heartbreak, depression, paranoia, and constant feeling of being Doomed in life.”

You can find Doomed on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Noel (formerly BaghdadBully) releases the Doomed EP

While promotions for Doomed continue, Noel/BaghdadBully fans will be happy to know that some of his older releases are getting added to Spotify and other outlets.

The 3-track Daniel Worthy-produced Sometimesoon—a conceptual EP featuring an alluring backdrop of Coldplay samples with a young man’s passion for rhyme and reason—is now on Spotify and Apple Music via CLV.

Noel (formerly BaghdadBully) releases the Doomed EP

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