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6ixUp: NoJokeJigsaw discusses his comeup while promoting Dangerous
NojokeJigsaw (Photo: Supplied)

Interview: Q&A

6ixUp: NojokeJigsaw discusses his comeup while promoting “Dangerous”

NojokeJigsaw is a versatile, budding recording artist and songwriter hailing from one of North America’s first housing projects, Toronto’s Lawrence Heights aka The Jungle.

Jigsaw has been keeping the streets buzzing with some recent collaborations including the “Demons,” which features fellow Jungle artist, Top5, and “Cost Ya,” featuring Sauga City’s own AR Paisley.

Jigsaw is ranked among the top artists representing Toronto, with his fanbase growing at an impressive rate. His “Block Life” single is creeping up on 215K views on Spotify, while “Cost Ya” is nearing 220K respectively. And that’s just one platform, but’s been evident that Jigsaw’s stats are on the rise. Jigsaw has more in the works for 2019, with his latest single “Dangerous” dropping Apr. 12 on all streaming platforms. The ASozevision-powered “Dangerous” video was released two days later, and has been viewed close to 40K times since.

NojokeJigsaw is the latest artist featured on King Cut’s series showcasing Toronto talent, 6ixUp. He sat down with HipHopCanada to discuss his background and comeup on the scene, and what separates him from the rest of the pack.

Check out the Q&A, and the “Dangerous” video below.

6ixUp: NojokeJigsaw

HipHopCanada: Who is NojokeJigsaw and when did you get on the scene?

NojokeJigsaw: I’m a recording artist, writer and independent record label co-owner from a Toronto Metro Housing community called Lawrence Heights, aka “Jungle.” I came on the scene in late 2016 when I released my debut song and video, “The Intro.”

HipHopCanada: How important is it for a new artist to create his/her own sound?

Jigsaw: It’s crazy important. It’s okay to be compared to people and have influences, but at the end of the day if you don’t sound like yourself and have some uniqueness to your sound and style the people aren’t going to get behind you. There’s a reason why the JAY-Z, Tupac and Biggie clones never made it.

HipHopCanada: Which artists have influenced you from Toronto?

Jigsaw: I’ve been inspired by and like a lot of artists coming out of my city. But guys like Drake and Tory Lanez really inspired and showed me it’s okay to not just stay in one lane. That you can be multitalented and show vulnerability in your music. That’s a big lesson coming from where you’re bred not to show it.

6ixUp: NoJokeJigsaw discusses his comeup while promoting Dangerous

HipHopCanada: You seem to have the freestyles down pat. Do you feel bars have been a missing element in the new wave of artists?

Jigsaw: I believe bars have been a missing element of the new sounds from the city for the last few years. But that’s the cycle, mumble rap’s hot so people are going to mumble rap. It’s all good it’s a cycle, bars are coming back and I feel like I’m one of the new artists that’s at the forefront of bringing them back. I was raised on the Jadakiss’s, Beanie Sigel’s and JAY-Z’s where you had to say something that made people say “oooooh.” So I’m trying to bring that same energy back, whether rapping or using melody.

HipHopCanada: What separates your sound from everyone else?

Jigsaw: Versatility with a street angle. I can give you hard bars and tell you some real street stories that are happening in the neighbourhood one minute and then write a love song for the ladies the next. I feel like that opens a lot more people up to me. As human beings we all portray different emotions and situations that have either benefited us or challenged us. So having music more people can relate to while having it still come from a genuine spot makes all the difference.

HipHopCanada: Describe your sound in one word?

Jigsaw: Suave! Yuhh digg!

6ixUp: NoJokeJigsaw discusses his comeup while promoting Dangerous

You can follow @NojokeJigsaw on Instagram.

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