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The photo features Toronto rapper NorthsideBenji who is promoting the new Toronto rapper NorthsideBenji releases new Frienemy EP.
NorthsideBenji (Photo: Jayshots)

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Toronto rapper NorthSideBenji releases new Frienemy EP

This past Friday, Toronto recording artist NorthsideBenji released his new 5-track EP, Frienemy.

The featureless release runs 11-minutes long and features some of Benji’s strongest work to date. He puts on an impressive performance each step of the way, starting with the title track which we previewed a couple of weeks ago. “Frienemy” has already been streamed more than 100K times on Spotify, and “Clicquot” is already starting to catch steam with over 25K streams.

Along with Spotify, the Frienemy is also available for streaming on Apple Music and TIDAL.

We recently featured Benji’s second “Fire In The Booth” appearance at Beats 1 which also included a cameo by UK rapper Nines.

Toronto rapper NorthsideBenji releases new EP, Frienemy

You can follow @NorthsideBenji on Instagram.

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