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HipHopCanada founder co-launches new podcast NorthSideConnect
Episode 1 of NorthSideConnect is available now


HipHopCanada founder co-launches new podcast NorthSideConnect

HipHopCanada founder and co-President Jesse “Dutchy” Plunkett is part of a team behind a new podcast launching today titled NorthSideConnect.

The podcast features Dutchy, with co-hosts Frenchee and Romeo, discussing life, culture, current trends and the latest headlines. Guests will be featured in the near future but the pilot episode which launched today is just the 3 hosts discussing a variety of subjects.

“NorthSideConnect: The Podcast makes its debut with hosts Frenchee, Romeo and Dutchy making their introductions, discussing The Office reboot, debating the existence of aliens, revisiting New Year’s Eve, and more.”

Canadian hip-hop will be discussed regularly (but not exclusively) on NorthSideConnect, with a variety of Canadian artists already receiving invites.

NorthSideConnect is currently available for streaming on PodBean, Google Play, and Spotify, with Apple Music set to support the show in the near future.

You can check out the first episode below.

You can follow @NorthSide.Connect on Instagram, and follow @NorthsideConX on Twitter.

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