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Toronto artist Nue adds visual support to his “Nightfall” banger

Toronto artist NUE adds visual support to his Nightfall hit

Toronto’s own Nue added visual support to his massive new record “Nightfall,” premiering the video on Thursday via Hypebeast.

“The 22-year-old rapper from Scarborough is one of the leading new faces of Canada that’s beginning to gain momentum outside the North.”Hypebeast

Toronto artist Nue adds visual support to his Nightfall hit

The sauceboy-produced “Nightfall” was released back in February and has already been streamed over a million times, and that was before the new video which should give the stream count a boost. Click here to find it on Spotify.

Take a look at “Nightfall” below (along with the press release) and look out for more music coming from Nue this June.

Nue Drops Hypnotic Video for “Nightfall”

Today, Toronto artist Nue, premiered his much anticipated music video for his latest single, “Nightfall” via Hypebeast. The song has already cultivated over 1 million total streams since its audio release on Noisey. “Nightfall” is a striking in the video with animated narcotics, skulls, and animé inspired cartoons (that he’s drawn himself).

The anime illustrator explained the video to Hypebeast stating, “Soon as the sun goes down that’s when my day starts and that’s pretty much what the song is. N****s pretty much live in the darkness, me and boys that’s just the lifestyle. I got a project I’m working on right now that I’m super excited about. I went to a different planet to make that shit, it’s all these new sounds the world’s never heard before, so be sure to watch out for that.”

Toronto artist Nue adds visual support to his Nightfall hit

The video’s release follows Nue’s impressive Iroquois mixtape that went on to capture the attention of outlets such as; Complex, Fader, Pigeons and Planes, and PAPER. The Toronto native is slowly making waves in the American music market as he performed at the first ever Canadian music stage at this past SXSW.

Nue vulnerably shows his paranoia and dealings with women. Through all the nuanced complexities that Nue experiences, the video ends with a calmness taking over him — as blood drapes all over his body, symbolizing escaping his troubles and coming to terms with his issues.

Toronto artist Nue adds visual support to his Nightfall hit

Nue (Photo: Joe Chong)

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