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Outspoken Corboy from The Soo releases the “Devil’s Work Freestyle”

Outspoken Corboy from The Soo releases the Devils Work Freestyle
Outspoken Corboy (Photo: Supplied)

Sault Ste. Marie recording artist Outspoken Corboy recently dropped off a new release after a brief hiatus from making music.

Corboy, currently based in London, jumps on the “Devil’s Work” instrumental, originally produced by SoSpecial for Massachusetts artist, Joyner Lucas.

We had a brief chat with Corboy about his return to recording and what the freestyle represents as he steps back onto the music scene.

On taking a break from making music, and eventually finding his way back:

“I experienced loss of friends and family, and realy struggle with some intense depression and anxiety. I needed time away from everything to reset and find that passion again. It’s funny because music has always been my outlet but this time around things got so dark I wasn’t finding any inspiration to help me create.”

On creating the “Devil’s Work” freestyle:

“This is the first verse that I wrote that I’ve been happy with in a while. It encapsulates muich of the things I had on my mind through the dark times, how my kids helped pull me out of that hole, and how the money troubles continue to leave me feeling like I’m doomed. Joyner’s song has so much depth and it sparked that fire in me when I heard it. I could feel his pain, it reminded me of how I can connect with people if I leave my self vulnerable enough to speak from the heart and I’m hoping that’s what this remix does.”

Check out the “Devil’s Work (Freestyle)” now via Corboy’s Bandcamp.

You can follow @OutspokenCorboy on Instagram.

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