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Talkin 2 Don: Outspoken Corboy pays tribute to Don Mulatto

Outspoken Corboy pays tribute to Don Mulatto with new song, Talkin 2 Don

Outspoken Corboy pays tribute to the homie Justice Donovan Levar aka Don Mulatto on a touching new track called “Talkin 2 Don.”

With his dreams to become a successful rap artist starting to take shape, Donny sadly passed away in his sleep this past June.

Outspoken and Donny collaborated on a countless amount of records and had made plans to help see their careers progress. He addresses them on the new tribute over Big L’s “Now or Never,” asking his partner “why’d he have to go?” No doubt Donny would be proud of his friend for this tribute. You can really feel the raw emotion that spawned its creation.

You were a kind soul and treasured friend of mine and so many others brother. We will miss you always. Memories live on and you’ll forever be ‘The Don.’

Rest In Peace, Justice.

Jesse founded in 1999 and is currently the organization's Co-President & Editor-in-Chief.

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