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OVO Sound announces new partnership with Google:
OVO Sound has partnered with Google for


OVO Sound announces new partnership with Google:

Toronto-based record label OVO Sound a new partnership with Google for Google’s campaign under The campaign will kick off with OVO duo dvsn’s new Future-assisted single, “No Cryin,” which officially dropped yesterday.

Google’s ‘.new’ domain extension is a way for people to perform online actions in one quick step via shortcuts. They were rolled out roughly year ago with the goal of creating more convenience for users. For example, you could type or to create a new Google document or spreadsheet. And while the .new domain has been limited to Google related products, they announced a couple of days ago that it’s making the domain available to the rest of the web.

As the press release indicates, “now, any company or organization can register their own .new domain to generate a .new shortcut that works with their own web app.”

OVO Sound announces new partnership with Google:

The .new domain launched by Google can now be publicly registered.

Several companies have already taken advantage of the new domain including Spotify, which launched “” to make it easier to build a playlist, and Stripe, who made their ecommerce tools available through the links “” and “”

To celebrate the launch of OVO Sound and Google’s, fans will be able to enter their own thoughts into the word bubble creative, and create personalized song artwork for dvsn’s “No Cryin.” As TechCrunch noted, “it’s somewhat surprising that Google’s own music service, YouTube Music, didn’t grab that one for itself.”

Click here to check out “No Cryin” or head over to now to see what it’s all about.

OVO Sound announces new partnership with Google:

Custom generated cover for “No Cryin” by dvsn

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