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Yung Tory in Broken Promises Yung Tory in Broken Promises


Yung Tory & Kevin Rolly team up to address “Broken Promises”

Toronto artist Yung Tory stays busy in 2020 with the Valentine’s Day release of his latest single, “Broken Promises.” The song follows...

Best Kept Secret

Interview: Q&A

Best Kept Secret discusses plans for 2020, major record placements, music industry & more

For a tough industry to break into successfully, Toronto-based Best Kept Secret has quickly established itself as a company striving to break...



Classified releases video for “Rap Sh*t” featuring Dax & Snak The Ripper

This past Friday, Nova Scotia rapper and producer Classified released his first official single of 2020, “Rap Sh*t.” Featuring West Coast rapper...

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