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Oh Lord: Paomar & Twiz The Beat Pro drop new visuals in support of Black Gold EP

Oh Lord: Paomar and Twiz The Beat Pro drop new visuals in support of Black Gold EP

Rising Los Angeles emcee Paomar celebrates the release of his phenomenal debut, the Black Gold EP with L.A. producer Twiz The Beat Pro, with the psychedelic new video for standout banger “Oh Lord.”

The visuals provide an intriguing and borderline-haunting look into the track and the artist himself, who says he wanted to show off another side of his personality. “The ‘Oh Lord’ video depicts the off-kilter and quirky side of my persona, Black Gold,” Paomar explains.

“It’s my attempt to combine avant-garde visuals with boastful lyrics of entitlement and self worth.”

The gripping atmosphere of “Oh Lord,” which were shot and edited by EAZEONE—with co-directorial credits to William Blue as well as Paomar— will also leave you wondering, “Who exactly is the man behind the mask?” if for no reason other than the fact that his talents are on another level.

Those same talents attracted the ear of acclaimed producer Twiz The Beat Pro, whose past work includes modern classics with Evidence, Big Twins and LMNO. Twiz brings his trademark sound of grime-soaked, funky Boom bap to “Oh Lord” and the entirety of Black Gold, a quick-hitting, four-track release fueled in equal parts by the stellar production and impressive emceeing.

The duo’s ability to complement one another makes a track like “Oh Lord” that much more potent, and it also adds depth to more serious subject matter on “King’s Temple.” There’s emotional weight to the instrumental, which creaks and snaps under Paomar’s reflections on police shootings, gun violence, and capitalism, among other issues, when he spits lines like: “They wonder why we lash out/ It’s ’cause we being f*in’ taken out/ Don’t be mistaken now…”

And then there’s the excellent closing track “Hold On.” It ends the project on an uplifting and all-around promising note, not only because of Twiz’s funk-laced product but also because it sounds like Paomar’s only getting started in the rap game. We certainly hope so.

Check out the visuals and head over to support the duo’s Black Gold EP which is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms.

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