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Fetty Wap and Peter Jackson
Fetty Wap & Peter Jackson (Photo: Supplied)

Interview: Q&A

10 Questions with Peter Jackson: New single with Fetty Wap, 23 & A Half, Raptors & more

Since connecting with Fetty Wap sometime in 2017, Ajax-native Peter Jackson has been a solid and consistent Canadian plug for the Remy Boyz rapper and “Trap Queen” hitmaker.

Along with booking Fetty’s shows across the country, and helping him facilitate business relationships with other Canadian artists and companies, Jackson has also toured Europe with Fetty and joined him at various other big events. If you were lucky to catch them on one of those dates, you would have seen Fetty regularly take the stage for Jackson’s set during his single “On A Wave.” Showing your face before it’s your time to go on as a headliner is certainly not the norm so it really speaks to the type of relationship the pair have been building.

Fetty Wap and Peter Jackson performing

Fetty Wap & Peter Jackson (Photo: Supplied)

The current culmination of it is the release of Jackson’s brand new Fetty-assisted single, “If It’s You,” produced by Marley Waters.

“The song is fun, it’s a performance record, as we both tour a lot and together.” Jackson explained in our new interview with the 9-0-Nickel Entertainment CEO.

“If It’s You” is the latest single released in support of Jackson’s next EP, 23 & A Half which will be dropping later this year. Previous singles includes the Kash Kaddy-produced “My Sanity” which was released on January 10, and the more recent “Bill Clinton,” which features Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah.

Videos for both of those songs have been well received by Jackson’s growing fanbase, with “My Sanity” recently passing 115K views, and “Bill Clinton” already racking up over 35K since dropping on May 7.

The video for “If It’s You,” directed by Jackson-regular Shawn Thomas, will be premiering Friday night on WorldStarHipHop, but we’ll have it for you here on HipHopCanada as well once the clip drops.

“If It’s You” has been added to HipHopCanada’s official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

We connected with Peter Jackson just yesterday to discuss the new single, his relationship with Fetty Wap, his forthcoming EP, COVID-19, the Toronto Raptors and various other things. Check out the interview and single below and stay tuned for that “If It’s You” video dropping tonight.

Q&A: Peter Jackson

HipHopCanada: PJ thanks for taking some time to speak with us. The first thing we’ve been asking people lately is how they’re holding up during this self-isolating craziness. What’s your daily routine like working from home?

Peter Jackson: It’s not horrible, I am very grateful to be honest. I have a studio in my house, and I smoke a lot so I am keeping myself busy. This has also given me a lot more time at home with my kids, and my girl. Being on the road a lot is tuff, so it has been a nice change to say the least.

HipHopCanada: You and Fetty have a deep history before this collaboration, but how did you guys originally connect?

PJ: We met on tour in Canada about 2-3 years ago now. We did 20+ shows together. We got along great, I like his team and we all have common interests so nothing really forced. Which is not always the case in the music industry.

HipHopCanada: What were some of the most memorable moments from touring together? What date stands out the most when you look back?

PJ: Honestly, Being in Florence, Italy. The food, the dinners, the nightlife. Was insane. We ate at the same restaurant 3 times lol. The show was on another level, and the people were amazing. My favourite city I have ever been to.

Fetty Wap and Peter Jackson performing

Fetty Wap & Peter Jackson (Photo: Supplied)

HipHopCanada: Is it true the song was recorded during the UK leg of the tour? How did that session go down?

PJ: Yes, after the show myself and Fetty went to a studio in Birmingham, UK and recorded the record. It was a really dope vibe.

HipHopCanada: What was the inspiration for the record? You’ve got a video premiering on WorldStar Friday night, the same day the song drops. Who directed the video and what can we expect from it?

PJ: The song is fun, it’s a performance record, as we both tour a lot and together. Shawn Thomas directed the video. We shot it in Calgary, Alberta. I went with Fetty to perform at the Grey Cup pre-party this year and we shot it that weekend. It was basically a really big party and a bunch of us just smoking and vibing. Prohibition Farms dropped off a couple P’s for us, and Beatties Distillery dropped off a couple of cases of Vodka. It was a dope vibe.

HipHopCanada: We recently spoke about the different landscape for releasing music videos these days. MuchMusic isn’t really playing music videos so there’s essentially no real Canadian outlet airing them. Does that change how you approach making videos? Why?

PJ: Yes, definitely. I mean I have a WorldStar premier set up for them exclusively when normally my focus would be much music and then online. It’s different now with no real Canadian TV outlet, but online is extremely important so its still a huge look to follow through and produce music videos for online outlets now more than ever.

Fetty Wap and Peter Jackson performing

Fetty Wap & Peter Jackson (Photo: Supplied)

HipHopCanada: You also recently dropped the Ghostface Killah-assisted “Bill Clinton.” What kind of response has the song received and do you have any other records planned before the release of your 23 & A Half EP?

PJ: It has been great, I think the record has passed 100,000 streams on apple and Spotify combined now. it has been added to 100s of playlists on Spotify, and I got a lot of support from the Editorial Playlists on Spotify and Apple. The video was 20+ shows I did with Ghostface added to one 3 min video, so people found that very interesting. Yes we will shift focus after the Fetty assisted single produced by Marley Waters to another really dope record on the day the project is released in the next few weeks.

HipHopCanada: Will the EP receive any other video support?

PJ: Yes, 100% we should have at least two or three more videos.

HipHopCanada: You’ve always got a lot on the go musically, but some people might not realize how many moves you’ve been making in other industries as well. Can you speak on any of the businesses and brands you’ve been working with lately?

PJ: I’m actually heavily invested into a company called Mountain Valley MD, which is a wellness brand, as well as a cannabis company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I’m also invested in a company called Cannara Biotech. As for micro grows and craft cannabis companies, I’m involved with, Prohibition Farms, who actually sponsored the video I shot with Fetty Wap, and a new company I like called Pot Belly. I work with another Beatties Distillery which is a spirit brand out of Alliston Ontario. I’m invested in that company and they’r also one of my sponsors.

HipHopCanada: It’s no secret that you’re a huge Toronto Raptors fan. NBA commissioner David Silver mentioned on a conference call earlier today that Toronto could be an option as a location to close out the season if they decide to complete the regular season or even jump right into the playoffs. How likely do you think they resume playing this year?

PJ: I think it will happen for sure, they just need to be safe, and they are thinking outside the box. I have season tickets so I’d love to go back and watch some games but I’d be more than happy with just watching on TV as well.

10 Questions with Peter Jackson: New single with Fetty Wap, 23 and A Half EP, Raptors and more

10 Questions with Peter Jackson: New single with Fetty Wap, 23 and A Half EP, Raptors and more

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