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Pimpton releases Exit the Vessel single and video ahead of new album TUNNELZ
Scene from the "Exit the Vessel" video


Pimpton releases “Exit the Vessel” single & video ahead of new album TUNNELZ

Pimpton returns with a much heavier addition in his recent barrage of new material with the release of another dope single and video.

Coming in support of his forthcoming visual album TUNNELZ, “Exit the Vessel” is presented as a double-track that juxtaposes two seemingly different vibes and styles quite seamlessly. The first half of the production finds Pimpton in a very relaxed state of mind echoing the chorus stating that he’s “Been down and deserves to get high.” While this is the obvious mood created by the instrumentation, the second beat takes Pimpton to a much more introspective realm, in which he tells a gripping story from an internalized perspective.

When asked, Pimpton states, “this track was created as to be the intro of the album and holds all the clues and Easter eggs necessary to decipher the code within,” calling it a sort of codex to the project.

Scene from Exit the Vessel

Scene from “Exit the Vessel”

He tackles some heavy subjects that hit close to home including a 2018 sexual assault charge laid against his former business manager, the 2019 unsolved murder of one of his closest childhood friends, police brutality in north America, as well as systemic racism and it’s effects on Canada and the United States.

This record is a journey in itself and by far an outstanding example of Pimpton as an artist. Drenched in white paint to represent a combination of a Trinidadian J’Ouvert Mud Mas character mixed with the Pierrot Grenade (a folk story teller), Pimpton is clearly a master of ceremonies.

TUNNELZ, produced entirely by Chicago’s HearonTrackz EL, will be out on Oct. 30.

You can check out the self-directed video for “Exit the Vessel” below. The release follows Pimpton’s videos for “ML Pimp” and “Pullin’ me Back” (featuring King Kwame).

Artwork for Exit the Vessel by Pimpton

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