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TUNNELZ: Pimpton releases 13-track visual album produced by HearonTrackz EL
Scene from the TUNNELZ visual album

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TUNNELZ: Pimpton & HearonTrackz EL release 13-track visual album

After documenting his extensive campaign each step of the way, we’re thrilled to present the brand new visual album by Regina rapper Pimpton and Chicago producer HearonTrackz EL.

TUNNELZ—a union/combination of Saskatchewan rap with Chicago drill/neo soul—is a 13-track album entirely visualized and presented in the form of a 35 minute long music video running through every song. Some of the clips have been released as standalone music videos leading up to today’s release, while other parts are brand new.

Scene from the TUNNELZ visual album

Scene from the TUNNELZ visual album

TUNNELZ encompasses Pimpton and Hearon EL’s collective experiences and encounters with events taking place throughout the 2018-2020 time period. The entire project was recorded, tracked & mixed at Pimpton’s home studio in Regina. Recording and tracking began on May 15, 2019 the final product was mixed and mastered by Patrick “PMCK Studios” MacKenzie in Toronto, Ontario. PMCK Studios also recorded, mixed and mastered Pimpton’s fifth studio album, The Pimpton LP, and is also the engineer responsible for the 2007 mixtape Comeback Season by Drake. TUNNELZ features King Kwame, AJax Braun, KiaGotaChoppa, and Peter Jackson.

“The album TUNNELZ is a reflection of my energy and mind state in the years following events in late 2018,” explained Pimpton.

“My former manager was arrested and charged and convicted of a sexual assault in 2018. I was pretty shaken up by this and the aftermath of this event & turned to heavy substance abuse for a long period. Every local news station and media outlet covered the story which indirectly caused my music team to be blackballed. My social media friends and fanbase was essentially halved with supporters and persecutors alike. So, I withdrew from social media for four months. In the middle of 2019, I returned to the studio and began writing songs that have now made up the greater portion of this project. Many of the songs have a ‘mantra’ type quality as they were largely my way of healing through self-therapy.”

Scene from the TUNNELZ visual album

Scene from the TUNNELZ visual album

TUNNELZ represents the connection between Chicago, Illinois, and Regina, Saskatchewan, or more precisely, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and the Tunnels Of Moose Jaw. The Tunnels Of Moose Jaw are the notoriously known tunnels used by Chicago mobster Al Capone and the mob to smuggle and traffic alcohol during the prohibition.

TUNNELZ is available now on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Be sure to take in the full experience by checking out the visual album below.

Artwork for TUNNELZ by Pimpton

Artwork for TUNNELZ by Pimpton

You can follow @Pimpton and @HearonTrackzEL on Instagram.

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