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Interview: Q&A

Premiere: Check out Pimpton’s new video single because it’s definitely not rated “PG”

HipHopCanada has teamed up with Regina rapper and CJE artist Pimpton for the premiere of this brand new video single titled “PG.”

“PG” is a Pimpton lifestyle anthem and was produced by long-time Pimpton collaborator Suede. The track itself was initially inspired by a series of events that went down in 2016 where Pimpton lent a bunch of money to a friend who dipped on him. And since he was out of pocket a bunch of money, Pimpton had to work even harder to regain his losses, while still trying to make moves as an artist on the come-up.

For the video, Pimpton linked up with Big Shot in Edmonton to film an over-the-top depiction of his day-to-day, complete with girls on leashes and a heavy dose of flex. The track was intended to explore and exploit Pimpton’s sexual side. Because that’s a side to him we don’t get to see as often.

The end result is a summer banger that pulls double-duty as a song you’ll want to turn up to, as well as a song you’ll want to sex to. The video also features a short teaser trailer at the beginning for Pimpton’s forthcoming new single titled “Salmons” off the upcoming new album titled The Pimpton LP. Check out the premiere of “PG” and scope our in-depth interview with Pimpton below.

I feel like I’ve always been a semi-hyper-sexual person, and on this track I decided to exploit that side of myself.” – Pimpton

Q&A: Pimpton

HipHopCanada: Start off by telling me about the significance of this track, and what got you inspired to write it.

Pimpton: The song is inspired by some events that took place in early 2016. I had lent a friend a significant amount of money and he “ran off on the plug” – so to speak. So I had to go triple overtime to cover the loss, while still upkeeping my career moves. Luckily since the incident I’ve been paid in full. The next source of inspiration stemmed from my lack of f**ks given and total commitement and embodiment of Pimpton as a brand and lifestyle.

HipHopCanada: This is definitely one of your less serious videos. Talk to me about the concept for the visual and what it was like to shoot. Whose idea was it to do the leashes?

Pimpton: To be honest this was one of the more fun shoots I’ve done! Super relaxed atmosphere and all the cast members were ready to go; no questions. The video was directed by Big Shot. The leashes were his idea when we were brainstorming the treatment. We wanted to make the video sexual and edgy without doing any full-on explicit scenes. But it was deinitely hilarious to be walking these pretty ladies on leashes down such a busy Edmonton street. Cops and everyone were slowing down to get a closer look.

HipHopCanada: I feel like this video is kind of low-key throwing shade at how guys usually approach their videos. Because it’s like.. you’re surrounded by hot women on leashes while you’re pumping iron, while getting your flex on. It’s way extra.

Pimpton: Ultimately my name is Pimpton because I have always felt like… f**k society and their structual impositions. So this song and video is a way for me to express that audibly and visually. My reasoning is deeper than the surface feels. But all in all, the first reaction viewers get is most likely what I was going for. Yes the f**k I did that…bitch!

HipHopCanada: I like how this is just a straight up unapologetic summer sex joint. It’s like a hook-up anthem, that doubles as a turn up banger. You could have sex to this or you could just get turnt.

Pimpton: Ideally I want people to have sex and turn up to all of my music. I enjoy every day of my life for the most part. Even the bad days. True love is in the struggle and that’s all I know. I get hella geeked when I bump this tune. I feel like I’ve always been a semi-hyper-sexual person, and on this track I decided to exploit that side of myself.

HipHopCanada: Suede is a producer you’ve been working with since day one. Tell me about the process for creating this track together, and what that looked like.

Pimpton: Tap Riley (aka: Suede) is my brother – one of the first producers who wanted to work with me exclusively. We been in the studio developing our own sound since my earlier works in 2010 and 2011. He provided me with the means to land my first major placement and feature with one of my idols, Andre Nickatina. Right now Suede and I have like 27 unreleased solo tracks that we will drop as four or five EPs, running until the end of 2018. He’s a hustler and works overtime to provide me with the fuel I need to succeed. So I make sure to do every beat justice. Our process…talk some shit, make a beat, he sends me the beat, I send him back the master. We pop bottles to success. And we consider every released track a success.

HipHopCanada: Talk about why you opted to make this a lyric video.

Pimpton: I included the lyrics because I feel like this song is so f**kin’ smash and it wouldn’t be fair to my fans to not know every word the way I intended the words to be known. The lyrics in this track are actually savage because I live them. Since I want my fans to know me as much as possible, I decided it was only right to provide that little bit of extra assistance. I don’t have the billions yet, but the life I live is damn near a fantasy for most people. So it needs to be shared.

Written by Sarah Jay for HipHopCanada

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