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Puffy L’z celebrates touring with Drake, releases visuals for “RiRi”

Puffy L’z returns with RiRi – Making his entrance into the Toronto music scene in 2015 with his crew, the 878 Halal Gang, Puffy L’z is no newcomer to success. Having caught the attention of industry heavyweights (and a subsequent IG re-posting from Drake) with the since-deleted video for Halal Gang’s “Still,” he had already positioned himself in front of much of the music community before pursuing his independent music career. It was his solo debut of “”Been Flexin” which catapulted him higher than ever before as a solo artist.

RiRi - Puffy L'z of Halal Gang presents the RiRi video

It’s been a year since the drop of “Been Flexin'” and his own moves aren’t going unnoticed. Most currently, he’s joined Smoke Dawg on the European leg of Drake’s Boy Meets World tour and released the “SuperStar” video with UK artist Nafe Smallz. To celebrate his recent successes, Puffy L’z dropped the Money Musik-produced visuals for “RiRi,” his latest single, and an obvious dedication to Rihanna.

He elaborates on the creative process in its’ premiere on Fader, explaining:

I directed the video with King Bee in two days. He did the videos for ‘Pull Up’ and ‘Propa’ too. But I wanted [‘RiRi’] to be different. Toronto artists always have something to prove; everyone’s from a hood, everyone wants to have 30 niggas in their video, masked up. There’s nothing different about that. I’m trying to bring something new to the table and switch it up. I was like, ‘Yo, let me walk into a corner store and pick up a magazine, see Rihanna and daze off.’ But I like to be different; that’s why I added in the laundromat. Then we did the money shot with the cars. (Laughing)

“RiRi” is available on Spotify and other outlets.

RiRi - Puffy L'z of Halal Gang presents the RiRi video

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