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Quake Matthews
Quake Matthews (Photo: Troy Veinotte)

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The Myth X: Quake Matthews announces new album & talks quarantine-inspired IG Live initiatives

From the various artists and producers we’ve spoken to during this COVID-19 pandemic, there’s usually a constant theme in their approach to dealing with the situation: keeping busy. There will always be people who resort to putting their feet up and waiting it out during these types of scenarios, but many artists are making the most of the resources at their disposal, and finding new ways to engage their fans.

Halifax award-winning recording artist Quake Matthews is a perfect example of an artist doing just that. Along with working on a new album, Quake is currently running two initiatives using Instagram Live. There’s Karaoke With Quake and The Tap In.

We reached out to Quake with some questions about his movement. If you’re an artist struggling to find your groove during this strange time we’re in, Quake’s perspective and initiatives might just be the inspiration you need.

“My music creativity hasn’t been the greatest during the quarantine,” Quake explained via email. “My music stems from a lot of real life situations and conversations, and with the world at a stand still, I kinda found myself staring at the walls not getting anywhere. I knew I couldn’t treat this time as a vacation, so I started trying to think of other creative avenues to stay relevant during this time.”

The Myth X: Quake Matthews announces new album and talks quarantine-inspired IG Live initiative

Quake Matthews (Photo: Troy Veinotte)

The Tap In

Inspired by his previous involvement with Pat Stay’s podcast, The Tap In has paired Quake up with various special guests for in-depth conversations on a variety of topics.

“Before COVID hit, I was a part of Pat Stay’s Stay Tuned podcast. We had guests like Snak The Ripper and Charron, and it was really starting to gain a lot of traction just as COVID hit. The podcast sparked an interest in journalism in me that I didn’t really know I had. People have always told me I ask great questions which stems just out of my general curiosity and I started really becoming obsessed with trying to get better at the craft.

“I was reading a book called The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, and he was basically saying if you have an idea just act on it and figure out the details later. So I had the idea for The Tap In, made some simple graphic on my phone and just ran with the idea that same day. Since then I’ve interviewed Maestro, Classified, Gerry Dee, Kardinal, Shad K., Freeway, J. Holiday, Ria Mae, SonReal etc.”

You can check them all out on Quake’s YouTube channel.

Karaoke With Quake

Along with The Tap In, Quake has also been running a very entertaining IG Live contest with a karaoke theme. Karaoke With Quake gives fans a chance to win money, it’s fun to take part and fun to just watch.

It’s only right that your boy Quake sees some returns on these efforts down the road and we hope it comes in the form of people supporting his next album. When times were stressful, Quake provided an escape, and sometimes that’s priceless. But if you tuned in to Karaoke With Quake you also had a chance to make a little paper.

“Every second Saturday, I throw a karaoke night for the fans with a $300 prize for the best performance. This has been by far my most engaging thing I’ve been doing during the quarantine. It has the most viewers. Fun fact: D-Sisive made it to the finals on the first week and lost lol”

The next Karaoke With Quake takes place this Saturday, May 23, 10 p.m. (Atlantic), 9 p.m. EST on IG Live.

The Myth X: Quake Matthews announces new album and talks quarantine-inspired IG Live initiative

Quake Matthews (Photo: Troy Veinotte)

The Myth X

With everything else going on, Quake still remains dedicated to his next album The Myth X and delivering his best project to date. It’s been 10 years since his debut, and he’s likened the release of The Myth X to an athlete stepping into the majors for the first time. The project is expected sometime this year, but likely not for at least another month or two.

“It has been 10 years since my debut solo album, The Myth & I feel like those first 10 years were all a learning experience leading up to this moment. I finally feel like a master of my craft. My Team is strong, My vision is clear and my pen is sharper then ever. I feel like this is my first REAL industry album.

“That’s why I’m calling it The Myth X – There is no release date yet, but it will be before 2020 is over. I have an overall ‘If I knew then what I know now’ kind of feeling with this one. I feel like an athlete who has been in the minor leagues for sharpening his skills who is finally making his major league debut.”

Quake’s last official release is the 2019 singles “So Damn Late” and the Snak The Ripper-assisted “Way Up” which recently passed 500K streams on Spotify.

Quake’s biggest record on the platform is the Merkules and DJ IV-assisted “DFWM” off his 2017 album Celebrate the Struggle which recently passed the 930K stream count. The song will likely be his first to crack a million Spotify streams although “Confessions” could give it a run for it’s money sitting at 708K.

The Myth X: Quake Matthews announces new album and talks quarantine-inspired IG Live initiative

Quake Matthews (Photo: Troy Veinotte)

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