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Quake Matthews drops visuals for his Mockingbird remix


Halifax’s Quake Matthews drops visuals for his “Mockingbird” remix

Our weekly segment The Weekly Eight returns with the recently released heartfelt “Mockingbird (Remix)” from award-winning Halifax rapper Quake Matthews.

HipHopCanada’s own Uncle Buck caught up with Quake not that long ago to discuss the power of his single “Confessions,” the comeup, the Halifax scene, battling, upcoming releases and more.

“I’m not working on any specific project right now, but I am increasing the volume of music I make more then ever right now. My strategy is to flood it with free music/content this year, and then maybe drop a new project when the momentum is right. ‘Grandma’s Cooking’ is definitely my favourite song off the new project. It was a blessing to have my grandmothers voice on the actual record, something I’ll be able to cherish forever. As far as maintaining substance and integrity, records like that come super easy because they are from a real place. It’s not even something I think about. As cliché as it sounds, the best thing to do is to block out everything else and just be yourself. Easier said then done.”

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The original “Mockingbird” was self-produced by Eminem and featured on the Detroit rappers’s fifth studio album, Encore, back in 2004.


  • Artist/Group: Halifax, Nova Scotia-based recording artist and songwriter, Quake Matthews.
  • Submission: The new @__xMark_-powered video for Quake’s “Mockingbird” remix.
  • Streaming Links: The video was posted to YouTube on Feb. 16, 2019. You can find the song on Spotify and other digital outlets.
  • Social Media: You can follow @QuakeMatthews on Instagram, and follow @QuakeMatthews on Twitter.

Check out the “Mockingbird” remix video below.


Quake Matthews drops visuals for his Mockingbird remix

Quake Matthews drops visuals for his Mockingbird remix

Quake Matthews drops visuals for his Mockingbird remix


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