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St. Louis rapper Rahli releases debut project Dellwood Market
Scene from the "Same Shit" video

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St. Louis rapper Rahli releases debut project Dellwood Market

With a handful of burgeoning videos out and more on the way, St. Louis rapper, Rahli, takes advantage of the momentum, releasing his debut mixtape, Dellwood Market, available on various digital streaming platforms.

With a unique voice, style, and delivery, Rahli proves on Dellwood Market that he’s not just a one-trick pony. On “Same Shit,” Rahli “alternates between gruffness and sweetness as he details a dead-end relationship from an outside perspective,” The Fader notes.

This is vastly different than the energetic, “Perc 30,” which found success in the Triller community and “24 Hours,” a catchy collaboration with 1017 rapper Z Money, produced by the elusive Richie Souf. The Dellwood area rapper rounds out the project with introspective tracks like “Oooh Child,” and “Love For Tha Block,” evoking pain and exhibiting raw storytelling.

Fighting poverty, oppression, and generally finding his footing in one of the most dangerous environments in the United States, Rahli initially caught a break in 2016 with the regional summer song, “Born Bae Bae,” ultimately landing him a nod in Complex’s “Bout To Blow” feature series. Dellwood Market is evidence that Rahli has something to prove and this is just the beginning… with no slowing down in sight.

Dellwood Market Track Listing

01 – Just Rap (Prod. TylianMTB)
02 – Perc 30 (Prod. Yung Glizzy)
03 – Jibbs (Prod. Jay Nasty)
04 – In and Out (Prod. Bobby Kritical)
05 – 711 ft. ZMoney (Prod. Richie Souf)
06 – Any Moment (Prod. Yung Tago)
07 – Same Shit (Prod. The Loopholes)
08 – Magnificent (Prod. AGBeats)
09 – Cashout (Prod. Beatdeamons)
10 – Oooh Child (Prod. Young Kim J)
11 – Love For Tha Block (Prod. LEAUXFI)

Stream it below via Spotify.

St. Louis rapper Rahli releases debut project Dellwood Market

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