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Ramone enlists Tona, J.O. Mairs, Kgoon, JD Era and LolaBunz for new Black Sheep project
Ramone, LolaBunz, Kgoon, JD Era, Tona & J.O. Mairs

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Ramone enlists Tona, J.O. Mairs, KGoon, JD Era & LolaBunz for new project Black Sheep

Toronto recording artist Ramone has dropped a fresh new project to kick off the summer season.

Black Sheep was officially released yesterday with guest appearances by Tona, J.O. Mairs, KGoon, JD Era and LolaBunz.

So far you can find Black Sheep on Apple Music and TIDAL (and some other platforms) but it should be available on Spotify soon as well.

Toronto artist Ramone releases the 9-track album Black Sheep

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