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RAXX is promoting her new single Scars
RAXX (Photo: Supplied)

Interview: Q&A

Toronto’s RAXX talks “Scars” single, Instagram issues, quarantining & more

After dropping three singles last year, RAXX kicked off 2020 strong by rolling out her album debut, Rated R.

The 12-track project, featuring guest appearances by BET Freestyle champ Young Stitch (“Feeling Good“) and Slim Sass (“Pu$$y Riot“), offers a great scope of what RAXX is capable of; coming in strong with her self-described “old school feel, new school vibe.”

RAXX talks Scars single, Instagram issues, quarantining and more

RAXX (Photo: Supplied)

And while the racy artwork has caused the young talent some social media headaches, RAXX is more focused on getting the music into people’s hands, and solidifying her position on the Toronto rap scene.

Most recently, RAXX teamed up with producer Millz for her heartfelt new single, “Scars.”

“It’s probably the hardest song I’ve ever made. When I was writing and recording it, I was actually very emotional in the booth.”

With COVID-19 causing everyone to isolate right now, we connected with RAXX via email to ask her questions about the new record, her issues with IG, the union of female rappers in Toronto, and more.

Check out our Q&A with RAXX, and the new single “Scars” below.

RAXX talks Scars single, Instagram issues, quarantining and more


HipHopCanada: Welcome RAXX, how have you been dealing with all the craziness brought on by COVID-19?

RAXX: It’s been crazy, I work in film and entertainment so everything has been put on pause. Trust me, I have had several melt downs since being on lockdown. I always call my mom, she reassures me that most of the population feel the same and there is nothing we can do about it besides follow the protocol. I think the unknown is the scariest part.

HipHopCanada: How have you been keeping busy during isolation?

R: Definitely writing as much as I can. I originally was quarantined at my studio in the beginning of all this. We finished about five or six songs for the album that’s hopefully coming out in October, but things started to get more serious so we decided it be best to shut it down for now. Also napping, a lot of napping.

RAXX talks Scars single, Instagram issues, quarantining and more

RAXX (Photo: Supplied)

HipHopCanada: Tell us about the new single. What inspired it? How did it come to be?

R: What inspired “Scars” was falling for someone who wasn’t ready to catch me. I let someone in and they completely took it for granted. It’s probably the hardest song I’ve ever made. When I was writing and recording it, I was actually very emotional in the booth. You can hear the rawness in some parts of the song. “Scars” is a metaphor for the people of my past that hurt me. The memory will always be there to remind you, Kind of like a scar.

HipHopCanada: What about a video for “Scars”—what will that look like?

R: I’m working on the treatment for it right now actually. I picture a lot of emotion and beauty in it, not like my other videos. I want to go back to my roots like my first video “Still Love You”. My team and I definitely have some really cool ideas. Can’t wait to put it all together.

HipHopCanada: Lately there’s been a lot of events showcasing female rappers and artists who seemingly all work together in one way or another on a regular basis. Can you touch on the union between female artists in the Toronto scene?

R: For the most part, the females in Toronto want to big up each other. It’s really hard in this game sometimes because there are men that don’t take you seriously and we have to prove ourselves 10 times more. It’s hard to sit here and watch the politics get involved, but they always do. I think we have to stick together because we have such a small percent of the rap game but it’s growing everyday. I encourage females to step out of their comfort zones and show everybody your talents.

Artwork for Rated R album

Artwork for Rated R

HipHopCanada: You recently had some social media headaches with your account getting temporarily deleted. Can you speak on that?

R: It was awful, and the worst timing. I’m still dealing with it as we speak. My album cover was where it all started. I got reported for that, then I noticed that everything on my Instagram started to get reported. One day I woke up and it would not let me sign in. I knew right away that I was deactivated. So I went on my back up account (@RAXXwith2x) and messaged all the Instagram pages I work with (@straightouttathe6ixtv, @battrytings, @6ixwars) and they all explained step by step what to do because same thing happened to them. I also YouTubed the shit out of “How to get your deactivated Instagram back” and that helped me out a lot. It took me 2 weeks of constant emailing and digging to get it back but I did. In the end they emailed me saying it was a mistake. As soon as I got it back all my other social platforms were targeted and I figured someone has been trying to hack me. Its something you have to deal with when you are in the public eye. Very annoying, but I’m not going to let it stop me. If anything, it’s motivating me to work harder.

HipHopCanada: Which other artists and producers will you be working with in 2020?

R: I have my team of producers, MILLZ, Kwace God, Ricky Bobby, Beat Busta and Matrix Beats. I’m also open to working with new ones as well. Definitely have a wish list of artist I want to work with this year. I want them to be a surprise though!

HipHopCanada: When can people catch you live next?

R: Hopefully as soon as this pandemic is over! If not then we will start doing live shows online.

Thanks so much HipHopCanada! Always a pleasure! Xo RAXX

RAXX talks Scars single, Instagram issues, quarantining and more

RAXX (Photo: Supplied)

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