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Rence drops a slick cover of Lil Baby & Gunna’s “Close Friends”

Rence drops a slick cover of Close Friends by Lil Baby and Gunna
Rence (Photo: Supplied)

After clocking over two million plays in 2018, artist/producer/songwriter Rence, has released his take on one his favorite songs of the year, “Close Friends” by Lil Baby and Gunna.

The 20-year-old Seattle native, now based in New York, who considers himself a “student of T-Pain, Sade, Michael Jackson and John Mayer,” recorded and produced the track while home for the holidays in Seattle.

“What a fucking year Lil Baby and Gunna had,” Rence said.

“I’ve loved watching their explosion into pop culture. Their music has been inescapable.”

While at home with his family this past December, he “kept listening to it and hearing different possible versions—because the songwriting is top” and was inspired to create his own as a New Year’s gift for his fans.

Rence says his version of the song was “created with night driving on my mind” and adds “a little electric bounce while still staying true to Lil Baby’s vision.”

The song marks Rence’s first release since his single “Space For You” dropped in late October. That track, the first off of his forthcoming EP, Presence, garnered support from fans, DSPs, and the blogosphere.

The track received praise from Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator, Daily Chiefers, and Hilly Dilly amongst others, and has been shared by fellow rising artist Chelsea Cutler and social media star Emma Frances on their Spotify playlists, as well as official playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

The four song Presence EP, set to be released later this winter, explores the sacrifices one’s ambition causes him to make. Rence is preparing to announce his debut live shows around the time of the EP’s release.

Check out “Close Friends” below.

Rence drops a slick cover of Close Friends by Lil Baby and Gunna

You can follow @Rence on Instagram.

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