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Rest In Peace, Scott Day, Founder of Abort Magazine

Our dear friend and mentor Edward Scott Day passed away peacefully on Monday, November 14 at his Vancouver home. Scott was the founder and editor-in-chief of Abort Magazine, a counter-culture publication which was deeply ingrained in the Canadian music and art scenes, while additionally advocating for the residents of Vancouver’s downtown east side.

Scott’s role in developing the Canadian music industry is undeniable – he always looked out for the underdog, always gave press to those whom other publications turned their noses up at. He was instrumental in helping to maintain the hip-hop scene in Vancouver, and enthusiastically supported musicians with a strong message and bangin’ beats. Scott taught everyone who met him that dedicating one’s life to art was a worthwhile cause, and that having a vision and following through on it was what really mattered in life.

No matter whose presence he was in, Scott always played it cool. His interviewing style became the template for everyone who worked with him – casual, friendly and open, Scott knew how to reach people in a way that put them at ease and made them want to talk to him. He was selfless in sharing these experiences, allowing those who he mentored to share the same opportunities.

Many writers and photographers – including West Coast editor Amalia Judith, writer Kassandra Guagliardi and HipHopCanada photographers Ajani Charles, Tyler Simpson, Jamie Sands and Scott Alexander – found their footing in the music industry through Scott’s instruction. Scott’s deep sense of commitment and faith in his magazine staff was outweighed only by his expansive sense of humor. Throughout his illness he always laughed, and continued to push his magazine family to accomplish all they could. Here are some words from his staff, who will all miss their teacher.

Scott taught me how to be true to myself, taught me that one man can accomplish great things regardless of circumstances or conditions, taught me to stay true to my dreams, and taught me that living a passionate life is something worth fighting for.” – Ajani Charles

Scott taught me how to be grounded in an industry that resists integrity, to stick up for myself in a world full of men, and to grow a skin so thick that no one could push me down. Scott was always proud of me and never failed to keep my ‘huge fuckin ego’ in check. He was my teacher, my friend and my inspiration.” – Amalia Judith

His sense of humour was one of a kind and from the first time I ever met him we shared a similar interest in taking humour to the crass and naughty parts of life. My favourite times were when I would say something so crass that even Scott would pull out a “holy shit I can’t believe you said that!” He had faith in me, I didn’t know I was a writer until Scott encouraged me to challenge myself that way and pushed me into doing it.” – Kassandra Guagliardi

Some people only saw the rough exterior of the hardened gonzo-esque journalist that Scott was, but those closest to him saw a man who enjoyed every single moment of his job as Editor in Chief of Abort magazine. The creamy centre of that hardened shell inspired every single person he knew. Somehow he could always see the best in all of us, even if we couldn’t see it yourself.” – Scott Alexander

Written by Amalia Judith for HipHopCanada
Photography by Ajani Charles for HipHopCanada
Photography by Scott Alexander for HipHopCanada

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