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Retro Mercy enlists Joey Vantes for new “Same Ones” visual

Retro Mercy enlists Joey Vantes for new Same Ones visual
Retro Mercy (Photo: Supplied)

This one’s for those who have grown and advanced throughout their journey in life, but never sold out to who they truly are. In the video for “Same Ones,” Retro Mercy takes his mask off for the first time, sending the message, “I’m the same one.”

The creative intro starts with Retro walking up with his mask on to meet himself without the mask on… very creative! The track is produced by Retro Mercy and features upcoming independent artist Joey Vantes. The music video was directed by Henry Solis.

For those that are unfamiliar, Retro Mercy is a 90’s kid from Florida with a vibe that is raw and real. His unique appearance is influenced by his nostalgic passion for retro sneakers and retro video games.

Yes, he’s rocking a Nintendo Power Glove and yes, his mask is made out of an authentic pair of Jordan 13 “He Got Game” sneakers. Coming from a broken home and a difficult journey, his lyrics are formed out of real-life situations and impacted by his faith.

“I have a creative imagination, so I can write lyrics about anything. But I just rap from the heart and say how I feel at the moment. That’s all I know.” – Retro Mercy

You can find “Same Ones” on Retro’s Dark Season album which was released independently on June 14.

The album is available on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital platforms.

On June 27, Retro released a new single with Benjah called “Numb (Re-Imagined).” Check out the video for “Same Ones” below.

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