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“Rick James Cam’Ron” takes Chicago slang to another level with single

Rick James CamRon takes Chicago slang to another level with debut

If you think you’ve heard everything the Chicago scene has to offer, think again. Up-and-coming Chi-town recording artist James Cam’Ron’s new single can be described as ratchet melodic, spitting all Chicago slang throughout the song, taking the trend to another level.

From the simple chant of the hook, James sucks you in and keeps a cadence that forms into one full sound. The unorthodox simplicity of the production from Chicago producer Rikkie 2991 seals the deal making “Rick James Camron” a stand out track.

You can stream the song below via SoundCloud.

Earlier in 2018, James released an impressive Peter Collins Campbell-directed video for his video game-inspired banger “6(666).”

“While combing through the layers of sound, it almost feels as if the track is designed to feel like it’s spiraling downward.” – These Days

The Chicago talent spoke with the blog These Days about working with Campbell on the project:

“I told Peter originally that I wanted to use the green screen to kinda be in the game, specifically Super Smash Bros. Peter hooked up a quick DIY mocap suit. The rest was just me wildin’ on camera and some crazy effects that I believe his homie jake edited in. Shout out the editor. They don’t get enough credit.”

And on his state of mind while working on the song:

When I made this song I was just getting serious in my last relationship. ‘My girl deserve a runway ain’t no wonder why I run em off.’ It was actually the first song I had worked on for a while. I was also still fresh off that Fatman song so I was getting a taste of what being a local artist was like.

Rick James Camron takes Chicago slang to another level with debut

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