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Roney adds visual support to his PD Beats-produced “Dennis Rodman”

Recent adds to Canadian Fresh Spotify playlist: Oct. 20, 2019

Since his release from prison not that long ago, Toronto recording artist Roney has been putting in work and making sure it’s known he’s picking up where he left off.

In his new PD Beats-produced record he raps about street life, puts his rivals on notice, and makes it clear business is back to usual.

“Dennis Rodman” was shot by Brett Yeland and edited by M Works. The song may seem like a nod to the former NBA star – I expected it to be a reference to rebounding from his legal woes – but it’s actually used as more of a put down. He compares himself to Michael Jordan, and compares the person (or people) the message is directed towards, as Rodman…second rate. Peep it below.

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