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A photo of Calgary-singer Ruben Young holding a microphone and performing
Ruben Young (Photo: Supplied)

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Subtle Savage: Calgary’s Ruben Young redefine’s his city’s sound with latest releases

It has been two years since Calgary’s Ruben Young released his first three singles independently through his own record label, Young & Lucky.

The eloquent R&B singer has been making noise in Calgary, as well as Toronto, with music spun on stations like Calgary’s CJSW (90.9fm), Toronto’s G97FM and CBC Music.

A photo of Calgary-singer Ruben Young posing for the camera

Ruben Young (Photo: Supplied)

With just over two million streams on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say that Ruben has been bubbling as well as perfecting his sound while channeling influences such as Marvin Gaye, Anderson .Paak and Amy Winehouse on records like “Rachel Green” which features Odd Future’s Hodgy. The song recently cracked 900K streams on Spotify and already sits at 907K.

Currently based in Toronto, Ruben kicked off the summer with the “Running For You (Lord Quest Bounce)” single. Along with a catchy hook, the song infuses his incredible vocal abilities with an infectious beat. The record is compelling in a sense because the song itself carefully fluctuates between R&B and pop, and gives you a taste of both sounds in one song. It also touches on the complications of love, which is a topic Ruben doesn’t seem to be afraid to speak on.

More recently, Ruben teamed up with West End Toronto artist Terrell Morris for “Subtle Savage” which dropped back in June. The single received video support in mid-July with an impactful visual offering directed by Maxim Vlassenko, Eric Richards, and Rahul Madan. As reported by The Fader, “Subtle Savage” is the first single off Ruben’s forthcoming EP, Dreamstate.

“Running For You” and “Subtle Savage” are the first new tracks from Ruben since starting 2019 off with “Golden Hell.” It’s unclear if either “Running for You” or “Golden Hell” will have a connection to Dreamstate, but with “Subtle Savage” being referenced as the first single, it’s looking unlikely.

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