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Toronto artist Ruthless releases the Soft Flex single and video
Scene from the "Soft Flex" video


Toronto artist Ruthless releases the “Soft Flex” single & video

Canadian artist Ruthless recently dropped off her second high quality video in as many months, returning with the clean visual for “Soft Flex.”

Flanked by her OGs and members of her team, Ruthless drops bar after bar with her patois thickened verses laced with dominant no nonsense vibes.

After earning coverage on various known publications with her single “Upper Echelon,” this Toronto upstart is proving she has what it takes to represent her Rexdale hood with authority.

“The record ‘Soft Flex’ is produced by Dynomite and has a touch of a West Indie/hip-hop sound,” explained Ruthless.

“I’m from Toronto and I’m half Jamaican, so I wanted to dig into my roots. I feel like I’m spitting bars, and giving off that 90’s female hip-hop vibe, so I know the fans are going to relate and enjoy the concept.”

Scene from the Soft Flex video by Ruthless

Scene from the “Soft Flex” video

With a diverse background that includes Columbian and Jamaican, Ruthless closely identifies with the music coming out of Toronto, and feels she is a part of the diverse fabric of the city that has become interwoven with various cultures from across the globe.

“I grew up in the hood, so it was like typical hood shit but there was a strong sense of community and I always felt like I had that support around me,” said Ruthless.

“I think the last couple of years has been cool to see the city rise and for years we didn’t get that attention and respect but it’s finally coming around. It used to be a joke when you said you were a rapper from Toronto, but now we are getting the respect I think we deserve.”

Going forward, Ruthless plans to drop her self-titled EP along with more music videos as she prepares to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find “Soft Flex” on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Jiedao Entertainment.

Check out the video below.

Artwork for Soft Flex by Ruthless

You can follow @__Ruthless on Instagram.

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