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Fire Spitta: Sam Hoss enlists 3FIFTYCO to direct Think Im All That
Sam Hoss (Photo: Supplied)


Fire Spitta: Sam Hoss enlists 3FIFTYCO to direct “Think I’m All That”

Fast-rising recording artist Sam Hoss has delivered a fresh visual for his single, “Think I’m All That.”

Set in some recently renovated Ottawa digs with model Liane Carisse by his side, “Think I’m All That” was directed by popular duo Francis Klan and Jaden Moyes of 3FIFTYCO, who brought the video to another level with the addition of some highly impressive drone work.

“The video is definitely one of my personal favourites,” read a statement from 3FIFTYCO.

“Sam Hoss was excellent on set and confident on camera. When you’re working on projects like this, generally you’re worried about a million things that could go wrong. But for this video we kind of felt like we were all in the zone… even for some chilly night shots. Speaking of those night shots, I really felt like the drone shots added a level of dynamic movement we don’t really see too much of in most videos and it’s definitely something we will incorporate in the next video with Sam as well.”

Sam Hoss and Dillin Hoox

Sam Hoox on set of “Think I’m All That”

While Hoss is no stranger to appearing in videos, “Think I’m All That” saw the Ottawa-based rapper really begin to focus on controlling his career trajectory as he took charge of various aspects of the project planning. After seeing the work they had done for other artists in the city, Hoss knew 3FIFTYCO was an easy choice to ensure his vision for “Think I’m All That” was brought to life.

“3FIFTYCO really blessed me with this one,” Hoss said with a bout of confidence.

“Along with being able to support the EP with some incredible visuals, I learned a ton in the process of putting it together and that’s really going to pay off for future projects. It’s alright to sit in the backseat and watch for a bit when you’re first getting started, but eventually you gotta take charge to move your career forward. But it’s great to have people like 3FIFTYCO to work with along the way, to really assure a certain quality in what I put out there. The new EP is just the start of what I’ve got coming.”

“Think I’m All That” is the lead single and opening track on Hoss’ EP debut, Fire Spitta, which was released independently on Sept. 4, 2020.

It’s the first of several songs on the project that will receive video treatment, and Hoss couldn’t be more excited to finally share it with the world.

SFire Spitta: Sam Hoss enlists 3FIFTYCO to direct Think Im All That

Sam Hoox & Dillin Hoox on set of “Think I’m All That”

“As an artist, you’re always excited when you’re dropping a new video. For this one, I really wanted the visuals to be like an actual cinematic movie, and it turned out just like that. I can’t wait for everybody to tune into this masterpiece. Big shout out to everybody else that was involved and came through to make the video the great work of art that it is.”

Fire Spitta features a handful of notable guest appearances including Dillin Hoox, Konah Raynes, Sawlid, NMT Niko, KnoxC, and 180dazz, who was also responsible for the EP’s mixing and mastering.

“Working on the Fire Spitta EP introduced me to a world of old school rap mixed with a modern spin,” explained 180dazz. “Each and every song had a different feel which changed my approach on mixing and mastering them. ‘On My Shit’ is one of my favorite songs on the tape. When Sam had asked me to lay down a feature I was more than excited to oblige. ‘On My Shit’ was one of the heavy hitters as it introduced more of the modern sound with a hypnotizing chorus and 808s.”

Sam Hoss and Dillin Hoox

Sam Hoox & Dillin Hoox on set of “Think I’m All That”

For frequent collaborator Dillin Hoox—who makes a cameo appearance in the new video—what’s most impressive is the growth Hoss has shown in what has so far been a relatively short career.

“I’ve been working with Sam a lot over the years,” Hoox explained. “I’m really happy to see what he’s managed to accomplish in such a short time. Undeniable passion and work ethic… this kid is a monster.”

The “Think I’m All That” video is available now on YouTube. You can find Fire Spitta on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

“Think I’m All That” is HipHopCanada’s Song of the Day.

Artwork for Fire Spitta

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