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Sam Hoss enlists KnoxC and 3FIFTYCO for On and On video
Scene from the "On & On" video


Sam Hoss enlists Knoxc & 3FIFTYCO for “On & On” video

Up-and-coming Ottawa rapper Sam Hoss is back with fresh visual support for his EP debut, Fire Spitta.

Following his mid-September video release for “Think I’m All That,” Hoss teams up once again with directors 3FIFTYCO to visualize the Knoxc-assisted “On & On.”

Scene from the On and On video

Scene from the “On & On” video

“For this video we focused more on Sam’s softer side,” 3FIFTYCO noted in a prepared statement.

“We shot everything in warm daylight to compliment the lyrics. Slightly less braggadocio and a little more emotion on this one for sure. Sam and Knox really do well as a combo, excited to work with them as a duo again in the future.”

Knoxc—a fellow artist from the the nation’s capital who is preparing for the release of his next project—is one of the six guest appearances on Fire Spitta, with the Platinum Circle Beats-produced “On & On” serving as the project outro.

“Working with Sam Hoss is and always was such a humbling experience,” said Knoxc of the collaboration.

“We’re both so passionate about our music so putting us together, the only out come will always be fire!”

While Hoss and Knoxc are currently working towards new joint ventures, Hoss is also working on a new EP that he hopes to have out before the end of the year. His productivity in 2020 has already highlighted his diligent work ethic, and what he’s achieved in a relatively short time as a recording artist has been nothing short of inspiring.

Scene from the On and On video

Scene from the “On & On” video

3FIFTYCO put it best in the statement we received:

“Sam Hoss is a committed artist. There’s a lot of guys that say they want to get big but don’t wanna put in the time, the money, or the effort. This guys checks those boxes. Anytime I need him to up his budget on a project to make it next level he’s always on board. When I need an extra hour out of him at a shoot he pushes through in the clutch. Easy guy to work with and super passionate about what he does.”

“On & On” is available now on YouTube. You can find the single and EP on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Check out the video below.

Artwork for Fire Spitta

You can follow @MrSamHoss, @OneTrueKnox, and @3FIFTYCO on Instagram.

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