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Sample Selector: New Gucci Mane single featuring Justin Bieber
Gucci Mane, The Zapp Band & Justin Bieber

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Sample Selector: Gucci Mane’s new single featuring Justin Bieber spreads “Computer Love”

On the heels of his Live In Canada tour, Atlanta’s Gucci Mane has released a catchy new single with Canadian pop sensation, Justin Bieber.

The J. White-produced “Love Thru The Computer,” which was released Friday, samples the Roger Troutman-produced “Computer Love” single from 80’s revolutionary funk group, Zapp. “Computer Love” was featured on The New Zapp IV U album which was released on Warner Bros. in 1985.

Interestingly, the song has been a go-to for several producers dating back to 1987 when it was initially sampled by Jay King of Club Nouveau for Sacramento R&B female quintet New Choice. The single “Cold Stupid (Pinky’s Cold Stupid Party)” was featured on the soundtrack of the movie Penitentiary 3.

“Computer Love” has been sampled close to 100 times for songs by some huge names including 2Pac, Notorious B.IG., JAY-Z, Fat Joe, Lil’ Kim, Redman and more. Pac actually has several classics sampling the song including “I Get Around” (1993), “Temptations” (1995), and “Thug Passion” (1996). More recently, the sample was used in Wiz Khalifa’s “Something New” featuring Ty Dolla $ign (2017).

Prior to the new Gucci record, the last time the sample popped up was in 2018 when Karlos Music and 5iveBeatz cooked up the beat for “Rubber Band” by UK rapper Nines (who was unfortunately critically injured this week after being assaulted in London).

Along with being sampled a ton, “Computer Love” has also been covered twice including Janey Kay’s rendition which was released in 1991, and NKRU’s “Computer Love” from 1993.

Here’s a list of my favourite uses of the sample, along with the audio for each.

2Pac – I Get Around ft. Digital Underground

Prod. D-Flow Production Squad

Nines – Rubber Bands ft. Skrapz & Ray BLK

Prod. Karlos Music & 5iveBeatz

Lootpack – Speaker Smashin’

Prod. Madlib

Christión – Your Love ft. JAY-Z

Prod. Dave G, Damon Dash & AK-47 (PL)

Redman – Blow Your Mind

Prod. Redman & Erick Sermon

Wiz Khalifa – Something New ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Prod. Ayo The Producer, KEYZBABY & Hitmaka

Fat Joe – So Much More

Prod. Cool & Dre

2Pac – Thug Passion ft. Outlawz & Jewell

Prod. 2Pac & Johnny J

Notorious B.I.G. – Me & My Bitch ft. Diddy

Prod. Diddy, Chucky Thompson & Bluez Brothas

J. Stalin – Love the Turf ft. Da Thrill & Lil Blood

Prod. AK

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