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Sayzee & Big Sproxx team up for surprise album Doomsday Device

Canadian rapper Sayzee blessed fans with a surprise album this past Friday titled Doomsday Device.

Teaming up with acclaimed Toronto producer Big Sproxx, the 8-track project features guest appearances by Richie Sosa (aka SOHS), Mav, Tona, and DJ Grouch.

“Sproxx is an angry guy who makes angry beats,” Sayzee explained. “And I fuck with that energy. This shit sound like some classic brand new shit. Doomsday foreal.”

Doomsday Device is available for streaming on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Proletarian Music.

Check it out below.

Artwork for Doomsday Device

You can follow @Sayzee2020 and @Sproxx on Instagram.

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