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Sayzee returns with new YFRWN6 mixtape
Sayzee (Photo: Supplied)

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Canadian rapper Sayzee returns with new YFRWN6 mixtape

Roughly 10 years to the day of launching his popular Freddy Krueger-inspired mixtape series, Canadian rapper Sayzee has released the sixth installment, YFRWN6 (Your Favourite Rapper’s Worst Nightmare).

The project is 12 tracks in length with guest features from Jason Packs and John Creasy. Production was handled by 2oolman, Vokab, Big Sproxx, Sonny Carson, Kevin Rolly, brxtn, Finn, and 80.

The YFRWN6 campaign kicked off back in June with the release of Sayzee’s “Bill Gates” single which has brought in close to 14K streams to date on Spotify.

YFRWN6 is available on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. Check it out below.

Sayzee returns with new YFRWN6 mixtape

You can follow @Sayzee2020 on Instagram.

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