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Scope G goes ‘underground boom bap sci-fi’ in “Fifth Element”

Scope G adds Save Me to CREATURE weekly series
Scope G

Vancouver creative Scope G drops the latest installment of his weekly series, CREATURE.

The latest track is the self-produced “Fifth Element” which received visual support a couple of days ago. You can find the song on various streaming platforms including Spotify.

The post also contains a short feature on Scope directed by LIFE OF BRI. “Scope talks about the importance of authenticity as an artist in this video.”

You can find both videos below.

Scope G goes underground boom bap sci-fi in Fifth Element


Scope G (Gerry Sung) is a local Vancouverite pursuing a career as an artist in audio and visual mediums. From writing, recording, producing, shooting photo/video, and designing, he has a hand in everything to create his signature style.

Having Hong Kong roots, and born and raised in Canada, English would be his primary language, and although he was not fluent (cannot read or write) in Cantonese he could understand. He linked with Cloudy Tunnel in 2015, through a mutual friend. Although he was never too familiar with mainland China culture overseas, being Chinese and being into rap music, introduced him to a new circle of culture: the new wave of foreign mainlanders. Just like many other Canadian Chinese, he felt in between cultures… not being Chinese enough to identify with China, not being “Canadian” enough to really be local. Having an outsider identity and a stutter, he found himself keen on using different forms of art rather than talking to communicate. Growing older, he felt inclined to take more of an interest in his Asian roots.

Through the love of rap music, his art has become his vehicle to absorbing foreign cultures. Now being associated with the city’s most known Chinese rap collective Cloudy Tunnel 云道, he hopes to be part of the bridge that connects the foreigners and locals in creating a new culture in Vancouver.

Scope G goes underground boom bap sci-fi in Fifth Element

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