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Song of the Day: Scotty IV looks to Break It Clean with new video
Scotty IV


Scotty IV looks to “Break It” off in new video

Don’t miss the latest video release from Scotty IV of Toronto’s Stay Out Late crew.

The Prezident Jeff-produced “Break It” is about those times in our life when we have to make the difficult decision to push away the people closest us. Knowing when we are the cause of a toxic situation, and not in a place where we are able to reciprocate love.

“Toronto rapper Scotty IV releases third episode (akin to traditional single) off his upcoming debut series (akin to traditional EP) Substance & Abuse: Season 1.”

Scotty speaks from a place of experience, as his passion in life has conflicted with his ability to give the time and attention to those he loves.

Another major theme explored on this record is faithfulness.

Scotty is as honest as he is direct in his self-awareness, when telling his love interest that she is only lying to herself about the nature of their relationship, as he’s been open about his intentions from the start. Despite this, he is troubled by his actions and questions his heart. It is this ability to address his duality head on and in an earnest manner that is the calling card of Scotty’s music.

The Substance & Abuse: Season 01 EP is available on various streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify.

Scotty IV looks to Break It with new video

Scotty IV looks to Break It with new video

Scotty IV looks to Break It with new video

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