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Canadian Radio Promotion

Note: This page contains information about HipHopCanada’s Canadian Radio Promotion services. For more details, please contact our Sales department. If you’re interested in more than one of our services, be sure to let us know.

Don’t Count Out Radio

While traditional radio is no longer the powerhouse-force that it once was in the music industry, it’s still an important tool for Canadian artists to get their music heard across the country.

People still discover new music through radio, and it provides a intimate connection between your artistic creation and a listener (and potential new fan). If the point is to see your fanbase grow, then there are plenty of reasons to build with radio hosts and DJs. Don’t count them out.

Canadian Radio Promotion Made Easy

Canadian Radio PromotionsWith over 75 university / college, community and web based radio stations catering to Canadian music, there’s lots of opportunity to expand into new markets and to potentially see your music chart in territories it’s never reached before. You just need to take the first step and that’s making sure they receive a copy of your work.

Many radio stations still require a hard copy of your submission in order to get registered in their system. For this reason, we decided to offer artists, and record labels a reliable and competitively priced service to do just that.

50+ Campaigns in 2017

You send us the materials we need (a short list we’ll provide to you), and we’ll take care of putting together the packages and mailing them out to our distribution list. The distribution list is reviewed and updated weekly.

To get started, fill out the ‘Radio Promotions’ form below and we’ll be in touch to get your campaign started.

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