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Premiere: Seth Dyer kicks off new series of releases with “Basement”

Seth Dyer

Premiere: Seth Dyer kicks off new series of releases with “Basement”

Seth Dyer doesn’t know this, but his single “Boss Up” is a go-to dead-lift song for me. I need witty banter to help me pull 225lbs. And his last release “El Jefe” is a go-to morning track, Seth rapping “who dat who dat making movements, movements” through my speakers at 6:00 a.m. is my audio caffeine.

The Toronto-born artist and producer is quickly gaining steam. It’s no wonder why, he is a smooth lyricist and is witty af on his tracks. The narratives he shares put you in a “boss up” attitude and also provide listeners with his raw and honest perspective on the industry and life (I recommend you check-out “Broadway and Stitches”).

Today, we have the exclusive release of Dyer’s latest single, “Basement,” produced by the Beat Therapist. In the song, Seth speaks on how he chose to pursue music and stayed in the basement day-after-day while his friends were out partying or in the streets.

“Basement” is the first release off of his Dyer Days Season 2 weekly release campaign. He’ll be dropping one song a week, starting things off with this energy filled banger.

I had a quick chat with Seth about the song – check out “Basement” and our Q&A below.

Premiere: Seth Dyer kicks off series of new releases with Basement single

Q&A: Seth Dyer / Basement

HipHopCanada: “Basement” kicks off a series of new releases for you, why start with this track?

Seth Dyer: I started with this record because it excited me a lot and it’s a good introduction of where I’m at now. I literally came up out of the basement of my mom’s house, built a company with my trusted friend and I’m hitting the airwaves, it took some time but we’re doing really well.

HipHopCanada: What does “making it out of the basement” mean to you?

Seth Dyer: Making it out of the basement just means leveling up. If you graduated or got a new job or make more money then you did before, any type of leveling up for you, that’s making it out the basement. The basement mentality will never leave me though I always treat this game like no one knows who I am or no one has heard my music. I stay on a constant hustle and I love it.

Premiere: Seth Dyer kicks off series of new releases with Basement single

HipHopCanada: There’s an interesting sample in the song – a South Asian tune – any insight behind the reason you chose to include this element in the song?

Seth Dyer: Well, I didn’t produce this record this time around it’s produced by The Beat Therapist he’s from Florida. I just randomly searched up #sethdyer on Instagram, (yeah it’s probably weird to do that lol) this guy had posted a “Seth Dyer” type beat. First of all, for anyone to produce a “Seth Dyer” type beat is surreal already but the fact that the beat was fire made it all the better. I commented on it and DM’ed him and he sent me the beat. I like vocal samples and the sample he used had some nice ethnic flair that made the beat stand out. I’m also mixed with some South Asian along with a bunch more cultures but it was cool to do something that had some South Asian influence as I’ve never done that before. I think music from that part of the world is amazing.

HipHopCanada: What can fans and listeners look forward in the next few weeks as you roll out these releases?

Seth Dyer: Fans and listeners can look out for some stories that are told in a fun way through catchy music, a feature and some visuals. I’ve involved some more producers this time around so the music has a different flavour, myself and the FORTHEPXOPLE team are really excited about getting some new art out with Dyer Days Season 2. I love putting out music and I hope people enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it.

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