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Toronto’s Seth Dyer releases catchy new self-produced single “El Jefe”

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Seth Dyer is "El Jefe"

Our weekly segment Submission Sundays features the new self-produced single “El Jefe” by Toronto multi-talent Seth Dyer.

“Ya’ll move like bible times, ya’ll don’t believe in the profit.”

Submission Sundays is a segment featuring eight songs or videos based 100% on submissions we receive through our Submission Form. We select eight as a team, and the rest of the submissions are put back in the pool for future consideration.


  • Who: Recording artist and producer Seth Dyer.
  • What: The new self-produced single “El Jefe” released on May 1.
  • When: “El Jefe” is available on various digital streaming platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify and more.
  • Where: Representing Toronto, Ontario.
  • Why: After recently discovering Cuban lineage in his family tree Seth Dyer penned his latest release, “El Jefe.” Accompanied by a sparse mandolin driven melody Seth raps about maintaining a confident presence while being self-reliant, being your own boss and sticking to your word. Seth has hinted to the completion of a new full length project but for now he intends on having fans enjoy “El Jefe” as he patiently plots his project release. Be on the look out for more content from Seth throughout the summer months.

You can listen to the new song below.


Seth Dyer releases catchy new self-produced single El Jefe

Visit the official website , and follow Seth on Instagram @SethDyer_ev.


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A summary of this week’s selections:

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