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SIDE releases “The Fallback” & signals a new creative chapter

Depression and isolation are topics that the music industry typically strays away from talking about. SIDE is a new artist who recently emerged online, and this weekend he dropped his first single, “The Fallback.”

Full of honest realizations, the track intimately describes the artist’s choice to embrace self-love and progression over winning the approval of others.

He took to his Instagram to shed light on his own journey overcoming depression and self-doubt. In a personal message to fans, he explained:

“I’ve never considered myself to be an ambitious person. A dreamer, sure, but not the type of person who gets shit done. It’s a quality I’ve always envied in those who possess it… But about 10 months ago, something clicked. Since then, my life has seen more growth than the entire 10 months previous.”

He continues, “Smaller accomplishments snowballed into completing lifelong aspirations. Before I knew it I was feeling and even looking like a different person. Now, I am a different person. I’m not the same one who falls short of his goals, who treats this one life with no sense of urgency, who doesn’t believe in himself, who waits for success instead of making that shit happen no matter fucking what.”

Stream the new single below, and follow SIDE on Twitter.

SIDE releases The Fallback and signals a new creative chapter

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