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Slim Jesus talks Birdman, The Weeknd, Ottawa show & more

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“Drill Time” rapper Slim Jesus talks Birdman, The Weeknd, Ottawa show & more

It started as the first stop of a 3-date Canadian leg for Slim Jesus’ Young & Ignorant tour, but an altercation on stage during his performance lead to the Toronto and Montreal shows being cancelled.

The “Drill Time” rapper was more than halfway through his set at Ritual Nightclub when local artist Jarrett Lopez, aka Black Jesus, stormed the stage and wrestled the mic out of Slim Jesus’ hand, loudly proclaiming, “Support Real Hip-Hop, Bitch.” He dropped the mic and left the stage on his own accord.

Slim Jesus was stunned at first, and then seemed to laugh in disbelief at what had just occurred. What was visibly missing was security but it ended up not being an issue. The lack of The show carried on without any further interruption and no one was injured at the event. Despite this, the Toronto and Montreal promoters (or, as rumour would have it, the police) cancelled their respective dates. But before heading back to the States for a show in Reading, Pennsylvania, Slim Jesus spoke exclusively with HipHopCanada’s Ottawa rep, and CapCityHipHop founder, Lil Thrilla. Click the jump to watch the interview now.

Slim Jesus talks Birdman, The Weeknd, Ottawa show & more

Black Jesus is not to be confused with the Atlanta rapper by the same name who briefly made headlines back in October for his “run in” with Slim Jesus. But it seems it doesn’t matter which side of the border Slim Jesus is on, a Black Jesus will seek him out. What most people didn’t realize, is the decision to go on stage by Black Jesus was allegedly a premeditated marketing strategy for the “Ball So Hard” music video he released the next day. The clip of him taking the mic was conveniently tacked on to the end. But if it was actually pre-planned, it seems to be paying off. Late Friday, he made a post on Facebook mentioning several new opportunities that have come his way since the mic-snatch went viral. At least one video has close to 200,000 views at the time of this posting (it’s since been removed).


There has been some support for what Black Jesus did, but several members of the Ottawa hip-hop community have a different outlook. Toronto-based Goliath PAW, originally from Ottawa, released a diss track on Friday by the name of “Crucified.” Check it out below. Black Jesus hasn’t responded with bars for PAW but he did post a cryptic message on Facebook: “Best possible outcome. (Y)” This lead to Ottawa rapper Swisha T chirping in, “Lol what that you’re getting attention? Your 15 minutes is already over bruh.

Slim Jesus talks Birdman, The Weeknd, Ottawa show & more

Ball So Hard

Black Jesus is no stranger to the spotlight and media attention, finding himself the focus of Ottawa mainstream media on more than one occasion. In September 2014, CTV covered a then 21-year-old Black Jesus being charged with trafficking ecstasy inside an Ottawa club. And earlier in 2014, he spoke with Ottawa media in defense of a controversial video promoting a private frosh week event.

This is his latest video for “Ball So Hard,” produced by Hucci and Stooki Sound. The video was by Taylor Miles who is also credited with the song’s mixing and mastering.

Slim Jesus Responds

The next day before heading to the airport, Slim Jesus posted a quick video in response to the mic-snatch drama: “Yo fuck that DJ from last night, bitches will do anything for some fucking attention.”

Drill Time / Finesse

If you’re unfamiliar with Slim Jesus, I’m surprised you made it this far down the post. I kid. In all seriousness, Slim Jesus is an 18-year-old rapper from Hamilton, Ohio who surged in popularity back in September when his “Drill Time” music video went viral.

“In the video for ‘Drill Time,’ Slim Jesus can be seen toting 30s with his friends, while threatening to lay out anyone who steps to him. Slim Jesus listed Lil Herb, Chief Keef, and Lil Bibby, as some of his top music influences.”

His latest single, released late Friday is “Finesse.” Check it out below.

Thrilla is a member of the HipHopCanada team and a rep for the website in the Ottawa region. Thrilla is also an event promoter, the founder of CapCityHipHop, and the co-host of the Nu BRL Radio show.

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