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Scene from the "Finer Things" video


SLIMEBOITY featured on Cash Feelings & releases new “Finer Things” video

Rich Noir of Cash Feelings recently sat down with Brampton-based SLIMEBOITY for an in-depth interview.

The exchange, which lasts roughly 45 minutes and is SLIMEBOITY’s official interview debut, covers a range of topics including being born in Kingston, Jamaica, his start in music, his “Brothers” debut, “Took Me a While,” getting love from his city, plans for 2020 and more.

SLIMEBOITY featured on Cash Feelings and releases new Finer Things video

Scene from the “Finer Things” video

TY has definitely come a long way since releasing “Brothers” in January 2018. A couple of days ago he released his latest tune, “Finer Things,” a via Roadman / Create Music Group. He also teamed up with AstroKidJay recently for the “Warmup Freestyle” which was premiered on 6ixBuzz.

You can check out the interview with Cash Feelings, the “Finer Things” video, and the “Warmup Freestyle” video below. “Finer Things” was shot by IllCinematics and edited by Zacksta.

You can follow @Slimeboi.Ty, @Cash.Feelings and @RichNoir on Instagram.

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