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Stompdown releases SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1


Stompdown Killaz release “SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1”

A scene from "SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1"

Stompdown Killaz release “SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1”

Check out the latest video from Stompdown Killaz (aka SDK) featuring Keep6 and Craver. It was filmed by Capital Q and presented by the Ephin Lifestyle Holdings Corp.

The video features the new C-Lance-produced single “AMMO” by Surrey, BC-rapper Merkules (available on Spotify and other streaming outlets).

If you’re unfamiliar with Stompdown Killaz or Ephin, you need to check out a very detailed profile that Noisey did on both of them a few years back. While it’s obviously dated being from 2016, it does have a great summary of how they were founded and the people running things came together. Here’s a couple blurbs from the article but head to Noisey for the whole piece:

Stompdown releases SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1

A scene from Stompdown’s “SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1”

“Stompdown Killaz (SDK) is likely the most recognized of the two entities and it looks after the graffiti and design side of the business. SDK was named by the filmmaker Capital Q. Capital Q, real name Quinn Leathem, is the brand’s co-founder, along with a handful of friends who hung out at Brookswood Skatepark in Langley. They started gaining a larger audience for their art, which you could find bombed across train cars and brick walls after Capital Q uploaded graffiti videos on their YouTube channel in 2005.”

“Before SDK’s rise came Ephin, legally called Ephin Lifestyle Holdings Corp. Formally established in 2002 by Ryan Wiese, aka Vision, Ephin grew from a small t-shirt vendor in Surrey. Opened in 2004, the first Ephin shop at 162nd and 84th Street was 500 square feet; two shops later, today the current space is five times bigger than the first iteration. Around 2006, Ephin and SDK came together, giving the SDK brand a solid business backing. Ephin, which is majority co-owned by Capital Q and Vision, grew to manage branding for artists around the world, making its first major move in 2010 with the legendary rap group Onyx. That group currently consists of emcees Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr.”

Stompdown releases SDK Graffiti Video 2019 #1

The final product.

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