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The Massacre: In the Lab with Stouteesha (Episode 6)

The Massacre: In the Lab with Stouteesha (Episode 6)
Studi6 presents The Massacre with Stouteesha

The Massacre is a new series brought to you by Studi6, featuring some of the hottest artists coming out of the GTA.

If you got bars or think you have what it takes to body any beat, hit us up in get in the booth and on the series. Featured artists get 60 seconds to rap over a beat and spit their best bars – in a no holds bar environment.

The Massacre: In the Lab with Stouteesha (Episode 6)

The Massacre series was created to give Toronto artists a platform to showcase their talent to the Canadian hip-hop community.

The series made its debut on Sept. 13 with an exclusive appearance by Ramone, and followed with some exclusive heat from Nanna Goodie, Gudini, Bella Bankz, and Brizzle La Musica.

The latest episode features Toronto-based Canadian rapper Stouteesha AKA err-goddess who we first connected with at UPN6XT’s Set It Off showcase. At the time she was promoting her popular “Bod Gyal” single, and more recently has been pushing her Jedi Beats-powered banger, “UpYaSuh,” and another record called “Love Under Pressure.”

You can follow @Stouteesha on Instagram.

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