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How to submit music to HipHopCanada’s Spotify playlist Canadian Fresh

How to submit music to HipHopCanada’s Spotify playlist Canadian Fresh

Calling all Canadian artists! HipHopCanada is now accepting submissions for our Spotify playlist Canadian Fresh.

The playlist is updated weekly and features exclusively Canadian content. Either songs by a Canadian artist/group, or songs by an international artist featuring a Canadian.

Click here for the Canadian Fresh submission form.

Please note, submitting does not guarantee we will add the song to our playlist. However, all submissions are reviewed and given consideration by members of HipHopCanada’s editorial team. If there is no Canadian connection to the song—which is needed, as stated above—the song will not be eligible for the playlist.

Submitting is free, but if you’d like to support our playlist please follow it on Spotify.

As recently reported by Spotify, the music servive now has over 100 million paid subscribers and 217 million monthly active users across its premium and ad-supported platforms. North America follows Europe as Spotify’s second largest market, accounting for 30 percent of premium subs. Spotify’s lays claim to 36% of the global streaming market with the average users listening to 41 unique artists per week.

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