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Ottawa artist SVDVM returns with 11-track project SVISA
SVDVM (Photo: Instagram)

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Ottawa artist SVDVM returns with 11-track project SVISA

Ottawa recording artist SVDVM kicked off the month with the release of his second project of the year, SVISA.

As a follow-up to his his Up in Smoke EP which dropped in March, SVISA features a bunch of great solo records from SVDVM as well as a string of dope collaborations. The list of guest appearances includes El’mago, Mazeratti, Lia Kloud, Ocean Lean, and XUAVE, who appeared on SVDVM’s viral hit “Auston Matthews” back in 2017.

Scene from the Slow Motion video

Scene from the “Slow Motion” video

2020 has already proven to be a highly productive year for SVDVM, with his latest project even hitting the No. 60 spot on iTunes Canada’s album charts. He’s expected to continue promotion throughout the remainder of the year, including a steady stream of new videos.

The latest is the for the album’s bonus track, the Ocean Lean-assisted “Slow Motion,” which was released on Oct. 7.

You can find SVISA on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via DirtyScene.

Check out the album and video below, and stay tuned for more from SVDVM.

Ottawa artist SVDVM returns with 11-track project SVISA

You can follow @SVDVM on Instagram.

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